Finals Preview

Posted by May 12, 2020 in LoL News

And then there were two?.

League of Legends is, at it?s core, a team game. It?s about a group of individuals coming together to accomplish one singular goal. Win. And there?s no better example of team play than our two grand finalists.

Summon Tibbers and Destiny could not have more of a different journey to the final. It is a typical David vs Goliath story line.

Anyone who saw or played against Summon Tibbers early in the season may wonder how did this team who, without an unfortunate forfeit in the final week of regular season may not have made the playoffs, made it all the way to the grand finals. They are the classic underdog story. They have no true star players. No one player you expect to carry every single game. Coming in as the 5h seed, no one expected them to get this far. Well…No one except themselves. They believed in themselves and each other. And it was exactly that kind of belief that helped carry them past their first round matchup against Requiem. After falling behind 1-0, they were able to use unprecedented picks that no one expected. Their Midlaner Zegley brought out Lucian mid in game 2 while their ADC Nycrit brought out the Brand carry. With these unexpected picks, and some stellar team play from new additions Glock in my Ahri at the jungle position, and Gonce at the support role, they were able to catch Requiem by surprise and take the series to a game 3. But, it did so much more than just simply win them the game. It gave them confidence. Game 3, they did not look like the same team. They came out with a swagger and confidence that allowed them to run right over Requiem, and into the Semi Finals.

The Semi Finals match-up against Cataclysm was expected to be one sided. And, for a good amount of the time, it was. But not in the way many predicted. Cataclysm was the top seed of the league. A team that didn?t drop a single series the entire season. A team with stellar individual players. A team that, on paper, out classed Summon Tibbers in every role. But, it didn?t matter. Everything seen before last nights games did not matter. Because Summon Tibbers did the unthinkable. They won. They handed Cataclysm their first loss of the season. And they did it together. They aren?t the most conventional team. But they trusted each other. And they will look to continue their storied run against another juggernaut of the league. Destiny.

Destiny had a completely different run to the finals. If you watch pro play, you will frequently hear everyone talk about the importance of mid/jungle synergy. No team has a better example of the importance of that than Destiny. Mathias Rdr and Thrillz Rdr have as much synergy as any two players can. By establishing mid priority, they are able to dominate vision and objectives. Mix that in with a stable bot lane featuring team captain Delabo and Spectro, as well as potentially the seasons break out player Tha Salt in the top lane, Destiny smothers their opponents. And this could be seen in their 2-0 semi finals win over Final Spark.

Consistently down 2-5,000 gold in game 2 against Final Spark, and facing a very fed Fizz, Destiny was able to keep Final Spark?s lead from getting too far out of hand, and clawed their way back into the game. It was a game full of ups and downs, but Destiny was able to take the Baron at 24 minutes, despite being down 5,000 gold at the time. They also took the fight. A 3 for 1 trade, and the come back was on. A 3rd baron and Ocean soul later, and Destiny was able to break open Final Spark?s base, march to the nexus, and into to grand finals.

Destiny has only lost 1 series the entire season. The team that beat them? Summon Tibbers.

League of Legends is, at it?s core, a team game. And Monday night, the best team will win.