Waiver System

If as a captain you determine there is someone that would benefit your team in the upcoming run to the playoffs in the waitlist. You now have the option to Drop a player to attempt to secure that more skilled player. However, it does not come without risk. An example is provided below

Let’s say you are second in the standings and you choose to drop a gold player for a gold you believe is more valuable. The player you are dropping is immediately moved to the waitlist and is considered a free agent. You also have to announce the player you are looking to add. 8th – 3rd place now have the option to drop one of their players for the player you are selecting. 8th, 7th, 6th and on up until 2nd place finally has the option to secure the player they wanted from the get go. At this point whatever team has used this process is considered rank 1 virtually for the remainder of any gauntlet transactions. If a free agent becomes available and you have already selected a player via gauntlet you are forced to be the last team to be able to select him or her.
If for instance the 7th place team chooses to drop someone and add the player the 2nd place team was wanting in the scenario above then the 7th place team would be rank 1 and most likely not have the option to choose another player unless they went all the way through.
Furthermore, the second place team would then have to select a new candidate and the 8th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd would all have a shot at that player. This could definitely shake up rosters, but you have to weigh the risk vs reward as you could end up with a worse roster than originally drafted.

At the end of the day we want everyone playing on a team, getting better, and getting rid of negative habits that solo queue can cause. We don’t want players to quit the league because they were dropped from a team. However the way subs have been used this season it is a strong possibility that waitlist players continue to play.

Trading opens Tuesday 11/10/20. Gauntlet will open Tuesday morning after all-stars and both will close the Sunday, 11/29/20, night before the following Monday’s matches. Gauntlets must run for 24 hours to allow teams to discuss internally if they wish to make a move and allow for each team below them to have their shot at that player being dropped/added. So Deadline for Gauntlet add/drops is Saturday AM after all-stars. I would think if you were going to make a change you would want to get it done sooner so you could setup scrims with your, in theory, new roster. At the end of Season 1 we did keepers moving into season 2. Your standing at the end of season 3 will affect the draft for season 4. So going all in on roster moves may not be the best way to win it all in the end. If you could lock in a 1st overall draft pick for season 4. We are planning on doing keepers again this season. Also depending upon how this goes this could be permanent, or turned into a failed experiment that we never do again.
Please submit trades and gauntlets to zoalord@pressresports.com email will be checked throughout the day so they can be shared with admins and processed. Gauntlets will be done in the order that they are received. I will update this url with a google sheet to show players that would possibly be on the trade block.