Welcome to Press R eSport’s League of Legends online season.

-Throughout the season your KDA and general performance will earn you fake increases in salary. Following the first season the salary cap will be put into effect. Being a captain of a team would have the benefit of keeping your team together and also balancing the salary cap. Maybe your best friend is worth his weight in gold to the team. Or perhaps you go after another top star in the league. This is in effect to not allow the same team to run the table every single season. It also balances the iron-platinum discrepancy as we want to have divisions eventually, but starting out that isn’t possible. We want to have a strong community where its fun for everyone. We want teams to climb together, but also encourage individual growth and infamy by high, though fake, salaries.

-Winners will earn their team name and aliases on our digital cup for 1st place

–Honorary mention for 2nd-4th

-10 week season with games every week at 8pm CST on Mondays. Followed by a best of 5 Tournament determined by league standings

–Finals will be best 3 of 5 games

-Registration is until February 16th



-If you are a free agent, please enter our discord: https://discord.gg/MUMwm5b and post so we can assist you in finding a team

-For tournament rules, please click on this link: https://pressresports.com/league-of-legends-ruleset/

The ruleset is a must read for each player.

This competition is not affiliated or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or LoLEsports.