Press R eSports League of Legends 2020 Season Rules


1. Competition Method: 5 v 5
2. Maps: Summoner’s Rift
3. Mode: Tournament Draft
4. 8 Week Season play each opponent once. Followed by a Bracket style tournament. Best of 3. Finals Best of 5
5. Bans per team: 5
6. Game Length: Until the winner is determined
7. Game Winner: The team who completely destroys their opponent?s nexus or forces their opponent to surrender
8. Champion Selection: Draft mode will be used. Players may only select champions that are unlocked via any means.
9. Restrictions: In order to compete, each participant will need access to at least 16 champions.
10. Match setup: Teams will play weekly at 8PM CST Monday nights.


Currently we do not allow for lane swapping after draft. Example: If you plan to have your mid laner change to a different role then you must tell the opposing captain prior to draft so they can scout what that particular player might play in said lane. We aren’t discouraging lane creativity. You can be as creative as you want in your match preparation. Your opponent just gets to learn about it at least 5-10 minutes prior to it happening.


1. Draft Options: Teams will only have up to 5 members. We will lock the adds of members to prevent teams from stock piling before playoffs.
2. Draft Order: The team with the better ranking will have the choice to select their side as blue (first pick) or red (second pick).


A player, who is experiences technical issues, on any team may call for a game restart prior to first blood within the first 5 minutes of the game (i.e. before the timer shows 5:00).
The player must be experiencing a hardware malfunction (e.g. monitor, peripheral, etc), a physical disruption (e.g. fan interference, table or chair breakage), or a configuration issues (e.g. runes, masteries, or summoner spells are not properly applied). The player must declare the issue in public chat or to a tournament administrator and then intentionally disconnect. Once the player disconnects, the game is considered null and void and should be restarted unless a tournament administrator determines that the conduct represents unfair play.
If an unintentional disconnection occurs within 5 minutes from the start of the match & before first blood OR a player’s client crashes or fails to load after champion selection, then the match must be restarted. Otherwise if the unintentional disconnection occurs after those milestones, the game will continue as normal. The crashed player may reconnect into the game as soon as they are able.
If a player intentionally disconnects without specifying a reason, then the game will continue as normal.
If a server crash occurs, then the tournament director or head referee will decide either between (a) restarting the game or (b) awarding the game to one of the teams. As a guideline, a game victory will only be awarded in a situation where one team was on the verge of certain defeat (e.g. A nexus was about to be destroyed).

Each Team is allotted 15 minutes of the 30 Minute Pause. After that 15 minutes has been used by a team. The opposing team can choose to use their time to wait for the opponents player or request a resume to play 5v4. This above is only after the game clock has passed 5:00 minutes.


If there is a discussion that needs to happen both team captains need to be present to plead their case.


The following actions will be considered unfair play:
1. The use of any cheat program and/or map hack program
2. An intentional disconnection without a proper and explicitly stated reason
3. The use of any settings exceeding the standard and permitted settings
4. Intentionally allowing an opponent to win a game
5. Unsportsmanlike or disruptive behavior such as inappropriate and/or unprofessional actions directed towards another player or tournament official
6. The use of a game bug that is determined by Press R eSports as being unfair
7. The use of an ineligible player (aka ringing)
Upon discover of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, the offending player, at the sole discretion of the tournament director or a group of referees, may receive a warning, a forfeit loss, disqualified from the tournament. During the course of the event, the Press R eSports admins may determine other actions to embody unfair play.


1. Each team is allotted $3.5 Million in spending on players
2. Player’s skill will determine their faux salary in the league. This salary can go up due to team and solo performance. The secret sauce so to speak will not be disclosed so that player’s can’t virtually tank their team or individual performance to prevent a salary increase.


1. Team Captains may elect to retain up to 2 team members by doing so they will forfeit their 1st and 2nd round picks.
2. The draft will be snake draft: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,1,2 and so forth.


1. Trading players is allowed. You just have to remain under the salary cap.


1. Life before games. We understand this is a video game. Your team is depending on you to communicate when you will miss games. If you miss once this will be excused. If you miss a second time and it is a no show with no communication you will be dropped from the league.

2. Subs: Each team can use up to two subs, if you need a third you will forfeit your match.


Press R eSports Administrators reserve the right to modify the rules as needed. This includes changes due to software updates or releases, event organizer decisions and all other changes deemed necessary to run a successful tournament. Players are responsible to check the rules on a regular basis and prior to the event to ensure they are in complete compliance. Players must understand that rules listed are guidelines to ensure fair and competitive play and are subject to interpretation by the administrators based on the spirit of the game.


We want this to feel like the Pro stage. We want to interview team captains post game and pre-game if you have anything to say. We want to interview the MVP of the match. We will be posting matches with color commentary and play by play so please get us your replays! The more you help us the better this will be.