Press R eSports Season 2 Finals Hype

Posted by August 26, 2020 in LoL NewsPress R eSports

Monday August 31st a battle of unsung heroes will take place. Requiem a 6th seed in the playoffs will go against the 8th seed entering the playoffs, Ragnarok. Both teams fought tooth and nail to get here. Ragnarok going on a crazy winstreak with 3 weeks left in the season to force a tie breaker game then were faced with the tough task of upsetting the first place team in the league. Requiem upsetting Stand United and Destiny to make it to the finals.
This season had its fair share of challenges for all participants. But every practice pays off. Hours spent playing. Late nights, right clicking till your finger is sore. These two teams have finally made it. A best of five series between two battle-tested teams. Who will be remembered as the season 2 champs?